The future of exams.

What is Gnosis Portal?

Gnosis Portal is an all-in-one, cloud-based platform for managing and conducting examinations.

What can it do?

Through Gnosis Portal, training and / or certification institutions can manage their exams, examiners, candidates and affiliates, while they can also conduct online examinations for their trainees directly through the platform’s built-in online examination system.

Who is it for?

Online Exams

How it works.

With Gnosis Portal, every training institute can now create and organize holistically its online exam system, with an all-in-one, cloud-based software.

At the same time, through the Gnosis Portal, the institute can examine its students:

Online Exams


Exams Management

An all-in-one management platform.

Marking & Assessment

Direct evaluation of trainees' performance.

Online exams system

A competitive advantage for training institutes.

Results Management

Directly through Gnosis Portal.

About us.

Gnosis Assessment Hellas provides solutions for training institutes to develop their educational services portfolio and establish competitive advantages in their field of action.

Gnosis Assessment Hellas holds a network of training institutions in Greece and abroad and offers a wide range of educational materials, as well as educational support to schools, centers and teachers through live seminars and webinars with its team of experts.


+30 211 800 1881

Larisis & Papatsoni, Kozani, 50100

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